Phil Gray


Phil's art can be found in prints, tattoos, t-shirt designs, logos, an olympian's helmet, and other items

Phil Gray is a Northwest Coast Ts'msyen artist based in Vancouver, BC.  His work can be found in private collections around the world, in various galleries and museums across North America, on traditional regalia, as organizational logos, on people’s bodies in the form of tattoos, on an Olympic gold medalist’s helmet, in an international resort, and in books on First Nations art.  Phil’s art is made of many different media including wood, hide, shells, metals, tattoo ink, prints, and fabric.  View more pictures by clicking on any of the categories above.

How can you own a Phil Gray piece of art?

  • Buy something quickly - Phil may have a piece already made that can be purchased
  • Order a unique piece - you provide Phil with an overall vision, but Phil will decide upon the design
  • Commission a specific piece that Phil will consult with you on to contribute to the final design
  • You can also find Phil’s work in many galleries around Vancouver and Seattle 

Photos courtesy of Coastal Peoples Gallery, Douglas Reynolds Gallery, Fazakas Gallery, Lattimer Gallery, and Stonington Gallery.

Functional Art

These pieces are not only beautiful, they are also used daily in homes, offices, and during cultural events and ceremonies


Phil creates masks, panels, totem poles, and other items from red cedar, yellow cedar, alder, maple, and yew wood